Tokina products


[ Telecentric ] Mega Pixel Telecentric [ Linescan lenses ] TFM-35 [ Fixed Focal Length ] 2/3 inch [ ANPR ] TVR1426HDIR
[ Telecentric ] Telecentric [ Linescan lenses ] TFM-50 [ Fixed Focal Length ] 4/3 inch [ ANPR ] TVR7515HDDC5M-IR
[ Linescan lenses ] TFM-100 [ Fixed Focal Length ] 1 inch

About supplier

Each new model from Tokina is a further refinement in a continuing legacy of excellence in design and materials. The current AT-X PRO series continues this evolution of excellence by using the most state-of-the-art technology anywhere.

The Tokina difference comes from special material selection and assembly technology that employs micron-unit quality control. This ensures optimum consistency while maintaining the highest quality for every lens. Worldwide, both professionals and knowledgeable photography enthusiasts rely on Tokina lenses.



AT-X Technology

AT-X comes from original concept of "Advanced Technology Extra". This vision encompasses a special group of lenses that are manufactured without compromise, using the most advanced design and fabrication technologies available. The use of unique and unprecedented optical systems independently pioneered by Tokina, has made advanced features, high performance, lightweight, and compact designs a reality. Of course, we have also given full attention to ergonomics and handling.