ISVS Head - observation of fast processes in the printing industry

Integrated Strobe Vision System (ISVS)

The ISVS head is a solution created for strobe applications requiring both compactness and short exposure times. ISVS is a device that includes a control module integrated with a Basler Dart industrial camera and lighting modules. Thanks to its small size, the device is suitable for space-limited applications. The AVICON ISVS vision head meets the requirements of the printing and paper industry with its high light intensity and short response times.


Key features:

  • Compact industrial camera with USB 3.0 interface: monochrome / color,
  • possibility of selecting a camera lens for a specific application,
  • possibility of using polarization,
  • two AVSL-WHI-80 lighting modules with a total power of 52 W (there is a possibility of increasing the number of lighting modules on special order),
  • two modes of camera triggering: internal/external STROBE signal,
  • two modes of lighting triggering: camera signal / STROBE external signal,
  • possibility of triggering the system with both high (+24 V) and low (GND) states,
  • IP65 rating.


  • observation of fast processes in the printing and paper industry (film rewinding, cutting control, marker detection),
  • observation of products in a strobe mode for production lines (bottles, jars, cartons and other products placed on conveyors),
  • observation of the operation of the machine in hard-to-reach places (inside the machine enclosure).

AVICON ISVS head received the statuette of "Titanium wings", awarded during the Warsaw Industry Week fair in 2018.