Integration and services

Since the beginning of the Avicon company we're focusing on the distribution of products and integration of the vision system. We offer a wide range of solutions suited to the individual needs of our customers.

The project starts from specifying the expectations towards the inspection system along with the customer. We design the individual offer and select the device matching the expectations according to the customers’ needs.

Our machine vision systems are installed both on the customers’ production lines as well as on already installed devices (for instance, on packing machines).

Also, we are able to build and design a machine created especially for the needs of our customers. Thanks to the cooperation with many suppliers we are able to design very demanding and advanced machine vision systems.

We use devices delivered from our vendors, as listed below:

Basler – German company making industrial cameras of the highest quality

Cognex – a reliable manufacturer of smart cameras and vision systems

Flir – a manufacturer of thermal imaging infrared cameras for industrial purposes

LATAB – high quality LED lighting for machine vision applications

AdaptiveVision – machine vision software for PC based systems

Beckhoff – modular PLC controllers and rugged control panels

BitFlow – frame grabbers