About us

AVICON Advanced Vision Control is machine vision & optical system company that supplies vision and inspection solutions to broad range of industry and science branches. Established in 2006, AVICON takes significant place on market as Poland's distributor of top MV component vendors like Basler AGFLIRCognexSchneider Kreuznach and many more.

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Along with distribution of MV components, AVICON established integration services for machine vision. Thanks to access to latest cutting edge technologies, we are able to build vision solutions featuring full range of complexity, starting from evaluation and feasibility tests to project and integration. Our technical team is on our customers disposal in case of technical inquiries, through selection of cameras, optics, illumination up to general technology selection tasks for industrial image acquisition and processing.

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Our offer is aimed to practically every and each industry and science branch that may expose a need to quality control, inspection, estimation or measurement based on image acquisition equipment.

We are present in industry branches including automotive, packaging, FMCG, aviation, railway, logistics, print & web inspection and others.

W zakresie badań naukowych dostarczamy nasze rozwiązania dla takich dziedzin jak sport, inżynieria wojskowa, nauki przyrodnicze, medycyna, inżynieria produkcji, materiałoznawstwo, budownictwo, badania nienisczące, nauki fizyczno-chemiczne.

Following scientific branches are covered by AVICON with great prospect: sports, military engineering, nature and medicine, manufacturing, material engineering, civil engineering, non destructive test methods, physics and chemistry to name a few.