High resolution high framerate areascan CMOS camera with large format sensor
Metaphase UL Line Light
High intensity illuminator for line scan applications with a possibility of color adjustment.
Camera Time of Flight available from Avicon company.
The best way to incorporate 3D vision in your application.
Basler dart
Small, Flexible and 100% USB3 Vision Compliant
Megaspeed HHC X2
Handheld camera with VGA resolution at 1000fps - ideal solution for factory maintenance & troubleshooting
Full range of MV telecentric lenses. Almost 40 models with different magnifications for sensors up to 2/3"
Obiektyw TVR1426HDIR  dostępny w ofercie firmy AVICON.
High-quality TVR1426HDIR Lens, perfect for automatic number plate recognition.
Advanced thermographic GigE camera for industrial vision applications
Compact C-Mount lenses. Uncompromised design, great performance, wide spectral range

AVICON won "Titanium Wings" award, granted during the Warsaw Industry Week fair, for the ISVS stroboscopic head design. Our device was appreciated for its wide range of vision control capabilities combined with compact design.

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With the Basler HDMI Adapter you can quickly and easily bring your high-resolution image material to your screen, without the need for a computer, vision software or installation effort. [...]